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UltraJack Pedestal System

UltraJack Pedestal System

UltraJack is an adjustable plastic pedestal designed to support our CMP brand of structural porcelain tile and they can also be used to support our natural stone products. UltraJacks are commonly seen supporting tile installed over decks covered with waterproofing membrane this system quickly and simply allows for compliance under E3 of the New Zealand building code.

The UltraJack system is also used to form suspended commercial floors that then allow for data and power cabling or perhaps water piping requirements into areas where multiple work stations are required for various industries. The UltraJack has many advantages over traditional systems used to suspend flooring here are some of them.

Sizes Available:

• 14-19mm       180-320mm
• 19-30mm       260-460mm
• 28-42mm       350-580mm
• 40-65mm       450-730mm
• 60-105mm     540-880mm
• 90-180mm     620-1000mm
• 180-280mm   720-1150mm

UltraJack Pedestal System


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UltraJack Pedestal System

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