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Pastelli Etched Veneto Pavers

Pastelli Etched Veneto Pavers

Clay paving, Concrete paving, Granite paving, Basalt paving. We offer the full complement of paving products in New Zealand. Suitable for patio paving, driveway paving and deal in commercial and residential paving. All paving backed up with over 30 years of knowledge and expert paving advice from manufacture.

Advantages of these pavers:

• Guarantee pavers will retain colour!
• Han pre seal pavers at the factory if required
• You can acid wash these pavers, we strongly recommend Guard it Green Acid.
• You can water blast them!
• Manufactured to 2mm


Pastelli Shotblasted Veneto Pavers 600x600 | 600x400 | 500x500 | 400x400


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