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Handy Tips

Tip 1.

Select pavers that match internal floor coverings to ensure the transition from indoor-out is subtle and blends with your decoration style.

Tip 2.

If paving around pools or building steps, choose from our bullnose range to create a smooth finish.

Tip 3.

Combining large and small format pavers can add textural qualities for a more distinctive space.

Tip 4.

When paving a small space, keep the design simple and use a neutral coloured, large format paver to create a sense of space.

Tip 5.

Large format pavers, such as 600 x 600mm speed up the laying process.

Tip 6.

Lighter coloured pavers make a shady area seem much brighter and warmer.

Tip 7.

Darker colours add contrast and interest to your outdoor areas.

Tip 8.

Once your pavers are laid, use a sealer to maintain a ‘just laid look’. This will also help prevent fading, staining and efflorescence.

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