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Bullnose Coping Pool Pavers

Exceptional Concrete Bullnose/Coping Pavers to suit your project...

How to transform your pool or steps. The bullnose range pavers enables you to create straight and curving edges for pools, steps, patios and paths. Bullnose pavers offer a fantastic pool surround paver with matching body pavers. Honed pavers are both perfect paving product for pool surround paving and pool copers and steps. Some of our bullnose pavers can be supplied with either a honed or shotblasted surface texture, both surface textures are provided through an inline processing station. Our bullnose pavers are suitable for salt pools too!

We have the largest range to suit everybody needs. We can custom make your bullnose pavers to suit.

Many options available:

• 1 Sided Bullnose
• 2 Sided Bullnose
• 3 Sided Bullnose
• 4 Sided Bullnose
• Drop Down Bullnose
• Full Round Bullnose
• Square Edge Pencil Round
• Corner Bullnose
• Arised Bullnose

We are the one-stop bullnose paving shop - Buy direct and SAVE!


Premier Bullnose Coping Pool Pavers 300x300 | 600x300 | 450x450 | 600x600


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Bluestone Bullnose Paver 400x200 | 600x300 | 1000x400x30x70 DropDown


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Santos Bullnose Coping Pavers 175x175 | 200x200 | 250x250 | 400x200 | 450x300 | 600x300 | 600x600 |

120.00 now only 115.00 incl GST

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Santos Honed Bullnose Pavers | 400x200 | 400x400 | 450x300 | 600x200 | 600x300 | 600x600

31.25 now only 28.50 incl GST

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Split Granite Bullnose Paver 250x250 | 500x500 | 550x360 | 550x250

10.25 now only 8.50 incl GST

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Terrazzo Honed Bullnose Paver 600x600 | 600x300 | 600x400 | 500x500 | 400x400


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