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Premier Eco Acid Wash 3.8L



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Use Eco Acid Wash to etch or profile unsealed concrete flatwork, concrete
block, pavers, restoring sandstone, and imprinted concrete.

• Water based!
• Environmentally-friendly!
• Effective, non-fuming!
• Use to clean Bricks, Pavers, Sandstone and Blocks

Available in 3.8L container and this will cover 5m2 per litre.

Smart way to order, no time wasting, no queues, no petrol cost and no traffic jams!


Use EcoWash to etch or profile unsealed concrete flatwork, concrete block, pavers, restoring sandstone, and imprinted concrete.


• All debris, alkali, curing compounds, loose concrete, coatings, dirt, paints, oils, release, sealers, or any foreign materials that would prevent Eco Acid Wash from making contact with the concrete surface must be removed
   (Including “cure and seal” products).
• Preparing the concrete properly ensures that Eco Acid Wash will effectively react with the concrete.


• Protect walls and adjacent areas where etching is not desired. Plastic or visquene is recommended.
• Saturate plants, shrubs, and grass adjacent to cleaning area with water before, during, and after use.
• Ensure that any product or rinse water runoff is properly contained.
• The concrete surface may be damp, but any standing water should be removed before application.


1. EcoWash is intended to be used as provided and NOT diluted.
2. Apply with an industrial-grade, flag-tipped brush.
3. Broom until evenly applied.
4. Allow dwell time of 5 to 30 minutes.
5. Broom occasionally to re-emulsify.
6. In hot, sunny, or windy conditions, the product may dry prematurely. Apply additional Eco Acid Wash or slightly mist with water as needed to reactivate the product. Too much water neutralizes Eco Acid Wash.
7. Hard troweled, dense, or hardened surfaces may require a second application with dwell time increased to at least 30 minutes.
8. When finished, flush the surface thoroughly with clean water to ensure that no residue remains. Use a pressure washer to remove all residue.


• Store in original container in areas inaccessible to children and pets.
• Keep containers tightly sealed.
• Do not reuse empty container. Rinse empty container and replace cap before discarding.
• DO NOT allow product to freeze.


• Eco Acid Wash is not effective on sealed surfaces.
• Avoid prolonged contact with concrete surfaces that should not be etched.


KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Before using or handling, read the MSDS and Product Instructions. DO NOT CONSUME. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear rubber gloves, aprons and safety eye goggles. Use good hygiene when handling this product. It is recommended that you wash off any after each use.


Size: 3.8 Litre
Approx Coverage: 5 m2 per litre


The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties, either expressed or implied. This product is manufactured of selected raw materials by skilled technicians. Neither seller nor manufacturer has any knowledge or control concerning the purchaser’s use. The only obligation of either seller or manufacturer shall be to replace any quantity of this product, which is proved to be defective. Any claim of defective product must be received in writing within one year from date of shipment. Neither seller nor manufacturer assumes any liability for injury, loss, or damage resulting from use of this product. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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