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Cool in summer, warm in winter, Firth brick
homes are constructed using a cavity design, which is one
of the most effective ways to avoid leak related damage
and keep your home healthy and dry.

SUSTAINABLITY All Firth bricks are Red List free and have
Declare certification. Declare is like a nutrition label for the
building industry that clearly states what ingredients make up
a product. It is designed to help shape a greener, healthier

TRUE COLOUR Solid colour pigment throughout the brick
helps reduce the visibility of any chips that may occur in
laying and through its life cycle.

DURABLE Firth bricks are made from concrete. Their
unfailing strength and stability gives you peace of mind.
Brick controls moisture more effectively than any other
building product*, protecting you against harsh
weather conditions, moisture, rot, mould, pests or insects.
Firth bricks are proven to last the test of time, they will be
around for years to come and all bricks come with a
manufacturer’s warranty.

LOW MAINTENANCE Firth bricks stay looking great
with easy care, they do not rot or require paint.
Brick is expected to last twice as long
as most weatherboard products**.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY With an inspiring range of on-trend
colour tones, sizes, laying options and finishes.
Clad your entire home or create feature walls.

NOISE CONTROL Concrete brick has excellent acoustic
ratings and it absorbs noise more effectively than
many other building materials.

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