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Unreal Artificial Grass / Turf - Just like Real Grass

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Please allow an extra 6% on your order for possible cutting, breakages or freight damage.

You will need: of your selected tile size – if you add an extra 6%.

Turf can solve a multitude of problems that you may have with your natural lawn.

Don't be fooled by cheaper grass in DIY stores. Our grass is top quality!
You won't be disappointed. 10 year warranty!

• Are you tired of mowing, or paying someone to do it?

• Are you sick of unsightly weeds that just keep coming back?

• Are you sick of lawn that’s boggy in the winter and brown in the summer?

• Are you dreading unaffordable bills due to grass watering?

• Are you ashamed of a mottled garden with inevitable bald spots everywhere?

Residential Homes • Hockey Fields • Cafe • Commercial • Sports Fields

• 10 year warranty
• UV stabilized
• Easy Clean
• Low Cost Options
• Wear Tolerant
• Pet Friendly

1.87m x 20m = 37m2 (approx 110kg)
3.75m x 20m = 75m2 (approx 220kg)

Available in varation of depths. Prices are all the same regardless of thickness.

Nobel – 20mm
Nobel – 30mm
Nobel – 40mm
Nobel – 50mm

Roll Sizes: 1.876m x 20m and 3.75m x 20m
Price is per m2.


FREE samples on request. Touch it feel it!

It can eliminate the hassle of mowing, weeding, fertilising and watering. With the installation of our artificial grass for home landscaping, you can forget the pain and suffering induced by natural lawns. Enjoy lush, green grass that looks so real your neighbors can’t tell the difference – all year round.

Our different turf options imitate the curled structure and varied color of natural grass to make it look amazingly real. Whether you want short pile for the manicured look, or long pile like a meadow, there is an option to suit all gardens.

Safe for kids and pets – our artificial grasses contain no nasty chemicals or heavy metals.

Buy direct and SAVE.

Purchase Options

Colour W L H
1875mm 20000mm 0mm
3750mm 20000mm 0mm
1875mm 20000mm 0mm
2000mm 20000mm 0mm
1870mm 20000mm 0mm
1870mm 20000mm 0mm
2000mm 20000mm 0mm
2000mm 20000mm 0mm

I. Limited Warranty
Unreal Grass warrants to the person, rm or entity purchasing
from Unreal Grass (hereinafter referred to as “the Purchaser”),
that under normal conditions, Unreal Grass articial grass
products will sustain their UV stability and tensile strength
during the applicable warranty period. For purposes of this
warranty, a product whose original tensile strength does not
decrease by more than 50% will be judged to have sustained its
UV stability and tensile strength. The applicable warranty period
begins on (i) the date of installation of the product, or (ii) the
date that is 6 months after the date of Unreal Grass’s invoice for
the product, whichever comes earlier.

II. Remedy

The manufactuer will repair or replace, as deems necessary to correct
any defect, the product which is determined by us not complying with
the above warranty. Unreal Grass shall neither be obligated to
remove or dispose of the defective grass or install the new grass,
nor be obligated to pay the cost for such removal, disposal or installation.

III. Limitations on Coverage

This warranty is inapplicable (i) to products used for any purpose
other than sports elds or courts or landscape purposes, (ii) to
any damage caused during or on account of improper handling,
storing, transportation, installation or repairs unless the improper
conducts are committed by manufactuer or its authorised agents,
or (iii) to the extent that any defect or damage is caused by:
(1) Burns, cuts, accidents, vandalism, abuse, negligence or
(2) Improper design or failure of the sub-base of the sports eld
or court;
(3) Drainage defects or deciencies on the sub-base and/or its
surrounding area;
(4) Wear or abrasion caused by an inadequate sub-base;
(5) Use of inll products of an incorrect grade (according to FIFA
accredited test institutes, such as ISA-SPORT / LABOSPORT, or
other test institutes);
(6) Failure to maintain inll products at the correct level (according
to FIFA accredited test institutes, such as ISA-SPORT /
LABOSPORT, or other test institutes);
(7) Any harmful chemical reaction to the Product caused by inll
(8) Use of improper footwear or sports equipment;
(9) The playing surface being used for the purpose other than
that for which it was designed and installed;
(10) Application of improper cleaning methods;
(11) Use of cleaning chemicals, herbicides or pesticides;
(12) Forces majeures or other conditions beyond the reasonable
control of Unreal Grass. Unreal grass warranty covers fading from
the regions' usual climate, weather and direct natural sunlight
onto the grass.The warranty does not cover abnormal climate
conditions, discolouration, fading or damage caused by magni-
ed sunlight from reective glass or other material.
Testing protocols: ISO4892-2 - Achieved GreyScale 4;
(13) Post brillation after or during installation for purposes other
than to get the inll materials in place; or
(14) Failure to properly maintain, protect or repair the Product.
All products are subject to normal wear and tear. In addition to
the factors mentioned above, wear and tear depends on, without
limitation, the intensity of use of the product. -- Normal intensity
of use is considered to be 30 hours per week on the eld. Unreal
Grass does not warrant against normal wear and tear. Unreal
Grass shall not be responsible for any warranty issued or made by
the Purchaser to third parties, including, without limitation, any
warranty made by the Purchaser with respect to the useful life of
the products. The Purchaser should carefully read the latest
versions of the product information materials,
literature and recommendations on products maintenance and
performance optimisation.

Installing Grass can be straight forward for any would-be DIY’er , but careful preparation is required to ensure that your premium quality Grass surface looks its best and wears evenly.

Suppliers Tip  Roll out the Grass that you are about to install while you are preparing the surface so that it can rest.

1. Mark and Measure your Installation Area. Remember that installation needs to be planned taking into account the 3.75m or 1.875m widths of the turf to avoid waste and excess seams.

2. (If converting and existing natural turf lawn) Remove existing turf cover. This can be done manually with a shovel or you can hire a turf cutter from the main hire equipment centres. Depending on how free draining the area is, this should be dug out 50mm to 100mm to allow a good drainage pull.

3. Close off the Sprinkler System. If an existing sprinkler system is installed, the sprinklers can be capped off and valves turned off as synthetic lawn will not need watering unless you want them left in to spray the lawn on hot days to cool them down.

4. Compact the existing ground. To ensure an even surface, you need to start with a solid foundation. Firm up any loose, uneven or soft ground with a roller or plate compactor.

5. Bordering and Basing. If the area to be installed is not finishing against a hard edge such as a concrete nib, pathway or decking, it is advisable to install H4 boxing to help retail fill and secure the grass onto or up to.
An ideal sub-base will have good compaction but permeable.

To attain this, fill 75% of the base with a GAP20 or similar size fill and compact it well.
Then fill the rest of the remaining 25% of base with GAP7 or similar fill and compact it well.
 wet the area after compacting to wash loose and small fill into the base, then compact again. The aim is to make the drainage base firm and level.

6. Check for Surface Depressions or Swales. Check for any uneven areas.

7. Correct Depressions. Any depressions in the sub base surface need to be filled in and re-leveled.

8. Roll out the grass to be installed to check positioning. 
Position your grass strip by strip and be as accurate as you possibly can be.

9. Cut the grass to size. Using a new blade in a quality utility knife, trim off the offcut excess material. This will make it easier to handle. Remember to cut precisely around the edges. Re-check that the turf is still positioned properly before trimming the edges.

10. Seam joins. If the lawn installation covers a larger area you may need to join Grass pieces together. This needs to be secured with a seam tape. Either a self-adhesive seam tape or joining tape and glue. Grass artificial turf is designed so that seams and joins are much less noticeable that you might expect and a 2-3mm gap will attain this. Ensure that no ‘blades’ are trapped in the seam to allow a good join and bring the 2 pieces together.

11. Pin the edges. Most applications just require the grass to be pinned down around the edges using ground staples. They are hammered into the grass with a mallet being careful to not trap and grass blades underneath. Place a ground staple every 300mm - 500mm meter around the edges. Transitional areas may require grass to be fixed to H4 boxing. Boxing can also act a retaining border.

12. Apply infill. Infill of kiln dried dry silica sand applied using a standard sand spreader / seed-drop spreader. Refer to product specifications for the recommended infill amount for your selected Turf (average infill amount is usually 5 - 10kgs of clean dry silica sand per SQM). This infill helps to weigh down the turf, make the fibres stand upright, help with grass cooling and assist with drainage.

13. Sit back, relax and enjoy your lawn.

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